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As a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice, we limit the active membership in our practice to less than 1000 patients. In comparison, a traditional family physician frequently manages upwards of 3000 patients! The DPC model is designed to maintain fewer participants so we can provide top-of-the-line care to each and every patient. Here are some of the things you'll have access to as a member.

Comprehensive care

We offer high-quality care to patient's of all ages. This includes chronic disease management (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc), mental health, sports medicine, medical weight loss, annual health maintenance evaluations, etc.

Timely office visits when you need them.

Need a visit? We can usually get you in TODAY or within 48 hours.

Extended time with the doctor

Appointments typically range between 30 and 45 minutes, but can go as long as 90. Whatever it takes to get you taken care of. Sometimes the best healthcare simply takes time. However, if you need to be seen for a sore throat, cough, etcetera, acute visits are available and you will have extraordinary access to your doctor so you can get started on the path to healing more quickly and inexpensively than in most of today's commonly utilized healthcare settings.

Sub-specialist consultations

We have been working with a number of sub-specialty physicians in the area and expect to have many services available at a substantially discounted basis in a cash fee-for-service model. Additionally, we will be utilizing a telemedicine service known as RubiconMD, in appropriate settings and with significant savings for specialty opinions. No more waiting 3 months to see a Dermatologist (physician)! Most often we can use RubiconMD to get an expert opinion in just a few hours! Learn more about RubiconMD here.

Greatly discounted medications

We will be dispensing some medications in-house, so we're offering medications to you at near wholesale prices. For most-all of the medications we will dispense, the price is cheaper than your usual co-pay at local pharmacies. If you take chronic medications, the savings on medication could be greater than your entire membership fee.

Greatly discounted labwork

We've negotiated great deals with national labs to get your tests done on the cheap. You'll be able to get your annual bloodwork done for less than $30.

Access to discounted radiology

You'll be blown away by the prices we've negotiated for radiology services. We're talking $350-$600 for an MRI. The average cost in the insurance world is $2600.

Sports medicine and concussion recovery

Dr. Di Iorio has devoted thousands of hours of additional study/continuing education in combination with event coverage and regular concussion clinics to become a respected member in the area of sports-related head injuries and maintains his certification as an ImPACT® Consultant. He continues to see student athletes of various ages and helps decipher the often nuanced and complex data gained through the use of computerized neurocognitive testing.

 He will use a wide-range of information to help shepherd an injured student-athlete through their recovery, including the often-intimidating academic accommodations and return-to-participation protocols. Dr. Di Iorio is available to see student athletes from neighboring communities/larger Chicagoland region and has developed a reasonable fee-schedule intended to improve access for student-athletes/families. Importantly, you don’t need to be a member of Dr. Di Iorio’s direct primary care practice to access his expertise on this subject matter.

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