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Manual therapy is a special type of physical therapy that uses hands instead of devices or machinery to place gentle pressure on your joints and muscle tissue. This type of therapy works to promote muscle balance and decrease pain caused by muscle tension and joint dysfunction. At Integrated Care in Lake Barrington, Illinois, Daniel Di Iorio, MD, DC, FAAFP, and the team regularly use manual therapy to relieve pain from arthritis, sports-related injuries, and other types of musculoskeletal pain. To request your manual therapy appointment, call the office today.

Manual Therapy Q & A

What is manual therapy?

Manual therapy is a branch of physical therapy that works to ease pain caused by issues affecting your joints and musculoskeletal structure. Instead of using hot packs, ultrasound treatments, and light exercise to relieve your symptoms, manual therapy incorporates light pressure, gentle stretching, and careful manipulation.

Manual therapy isn’t as well-known as traditional physical therapy, but it’s just as effective. In addition, it’s an excellent treatment option to address joint stiffness, immobility, and range-of-motion problems. If you regularly experience musculoskeletal or joint pain that affects your movement, daily functioning, or overall posture, manual therapy is worth considering.

What types of issues can manual therapy treat?

Manual therapy is incredibly versatile. At Integrated Care, the team regularly uses manual therapy to address a variety of pain-related conditions, including:

  • Acute back pain
  • Joint pain
  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction
  • Muscle strains
  • Pulled ligaments

You might also benefit from manual therapy if you’ve experienced a sports-related injury such as a dislocated shoulder or sprained ankle.

How does manual therapy work?

Manual therapy techniques work to relax tense muscles and restricted joints. When performed by a qualified medical professional like Dr. Di Iorio, manual therapy can decrease pain, encourage circulation, and improve your general mobility.

Manual therapy features two specific types of muscle movements:

Soft tissue work

Soft tissue work involves Dr. Di Iorio applying light pressure to different muscles. This pressure helps to relax your muscles, break up any scar tissue, and ease swelling. Chiropractic care and massage therapy are two types of soft tissue work.

Mobilization and manipulation

Mobilization and manipulation involves Dr. Di Iorio using measured movements at varying speed to push, pull, or twist bones and joints into position. This process helps loosen tissues around your affected joints while promoting flexibility and alignment.

Am I a candidate for manual therapy?

To determine if you’re a candidate for manual therapy, make an appointment with the team at Integrated Care. During your initial consultation, Dr. Di Iorio performs a physical exam, asks you about your symptoms, and reviews your medical history.

After gathering all of this information, he can determine if you’ll most benefit from manual therapy or another type of integrative treatment. That said, if you’re relatively healthy and suffering from joint or musculoskeletal pain, you’re probably a good candidate.

Don’t let pain prevent you from living an active, healthy lifestyle. Request your manual therapy appointment by calling Integrated Care today.